Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Abby and Brittany Helsen, Amazing Life

Well, I've just searched in internet about celebrities that have twins. Just wondering.
And suddenly, one article about memorable twins in Hollywood told me about a conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany Helsen.

Then I kept searching about these girls. Well, I was really amazed when I found a video in YouTube about these girls. Just click if you wanna see.

Here is the picture:

They are conjoined twins with two heads, two spins, two pairs of lungs and two hearts. However, the rest of the body are just one pair!

Abby and Brittany's Body Condition

They can't sense the other parts. For example, when Brittany touch the other hand that belong to Abby, Brittany cannot feel that her hand being touched.

In the video above, they are about 16. The video was posted in 2007, which means they are 19 y.o now..


I don't know what to say!
I feel sorry and wondering about them, but they seem enjoy the life so much that makes me turn my sorry to AMAZE. They got their driving license together. They do school together, they can clap their hands, put make up, and others together.. and they said, become a twin makes sure that we are not alone..:)

They chat to people, but as ABBY and BRITTANY. They share they dreams, share their seat at school, but as Abby and Brittany. With one body but different soul. They are totally different persons!

how can I imagine that?
and questions are flying in my head.

What about if they have a crush to someone? or probably to different guys?
How can they date their boyfriend or getting married?
How if one of the other is dying?
What about their dreams? if they have different dreams?
If they're angry with each other?

blah blah..

And I don't get the answer till now :p!

However, I believe if God let these girls experienced this condition, then He also will give solution for everything..:)
Abby and Brittany when they were kids:)

Then, I took a look to comments below that video. And I felt so SORRY to those people who put useless comments. I think, they do not deserve to put such a comment!

To Abby and Brittany, I will pray for your further and I believe that God always made everything beautiful in its time..:) .

By the way, the best part of the video above is when you both said have a dream to become fashion designer, together. Just showing that you both are really twins..;)

God Bless you all!

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