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(First Part)

Well, let's talking about best moment in our life. I believe that everyone has own dream and has the best moment in their life. Then this is mine, on November 2008.

It was began on the end of October 2008, when my lecturer as well as my dean called me and talked to me. I guess, that time, she was just to ask me to be a lecturer's assistant(what I wished for in my 5th semester..hehe..). Then, she said:

"Tia, LSPR (stands for London School of Public Relations, my college)has a program to give scholarship to certain students for joining Study Tour in Perth. Would you lik
e to join? If you feel ready, just contact your parents and let me know if you are able. also contact LSPR Group of PR for further information.."

I was shaking at that time.. PERTH?? How can I believe it?

Then I suddenly called my mom and talked about this. Shortly, my parents agreed to let me join the program and agreed to pay certain money for visa and plane ticket only (also certain money for living cost..:D).

The college payed my study tour program, short education, and home stay cost.

However, I had not PASSPORT yet! So I had to make it in a week.. (thanks to my man and father for helping me making this stuff).

I need three weeks preparation. Then, I and the other 10 students (only 2 from the group who got the scholarship including me), also 1 lecturer arrived at the airport on about 7.30 AM. We did immigration stuff and et cetera, and we checked in about 8 AM.

Us in Soekarno-Hatta Airport Before Checked-in

Certainly at 10 AM, my Garuda Airlines plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta to Perth Airport, Perth, Western Australia. You know, it was great to see the plane was taking off, which it was my first time on plane...:)

Garuda Airlines
(taken from:

Next to my seat, there was a Kazakhstan woman, which was also an LSPR's student. We share many things, but as her accent was really hard to understand. Haha!

Shortly in approximately 4 hours, I could feel gradually the plane was going down, and down, and down.. And slowly, I saw the blue sky turned into blue with bulbs of clouds. Later on, those changed into a wide green land, and continued by houses, swimming pools, and others! so fun and excited!!

Then, we landed off on Perth International Airport. My Short 3 weeks of journey in Oz was began! :)

(Taken from:
(Taken From:
Perth International Airport

I still remember how it felt when I stepped my feet at the first time in Perth, Western Australia. It was soo great that I couldn't even forget about it. My feeling were happy and excited. That's it!

Then, somebody from ECU (Edith-Cowan University, W.A) picked us up from the airport to our first destination: Beatty Lodge, somewhere in Perth.
Beatty Lodge, Perth - West Oz

During the way headed to Beatty Lodge, I saw everything that I haven't see before. And the thought came to my mind.. "Oooh, this is PERTH!"

We arrived at Beatty Lodge. It was a motel that full with students. My roommates were Dhita, Sasha, and Marfie. They were awesome and we shared a lot of things at the first time. Seemed that we've closed enough at that time..
Our Lovely Room in Beatty Lodge with bunk beds! haha..
(we could be smiling in this picture, but absolutely crying after that missing home..:p)

First thing to do there was calling my mom! I missed her a lot and really wished she could be with me there, with also the rest of my family..

Next thing to do, was finding some food for dinner! We were hungry and no doubt about that. Then my lecturer, knew some Asian restaurant, then we went to that restaurant by taking some walk from Beatty Lodge.
This was our first picture in Beatty Lodge :)

Here are the pictures of Beatty Lodge neighbourhood (I forget the name of the street); The way we passed by before arriving to the restaurant.

(There's DOME here! haha!)

And, we arrived. Really, at the first time we would eat in a restaurant that served Cap Cay, Puyung Hai, Fried Noodles and etc, coz it was said as Asian Restaurant. Eventually, what did I get? Thailand Spring Roll and others; they were so weird for my tongue (I forget that my lecturer was a Philippines!)

First, I ordered MINERAL WATER, which my head thought about AQUA and similar to it.
However, this is what I got:

SODA WATER! GROSS! Haha.. how could I drink this during meal?

Then, this was my first meal in Perth:
Chicken Noodle or something.. in a Jumbo Portion!

Yes, for me it's jumbo so I couldn't take all of it into my stomach! haha..

Later on, we went back to Beatty Lodge and spent the night sleeping, to prepare ourselves for the next day program: Went to ECU and met our host-parents and family! Yippie!

(to be continued...)

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